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Družina is the Croatian folklore groups association. It was founded in 1992 in Zagreb and it gathers about 40 folklore groups and other legal bodies, as well as individuals (honorary members). Družina´s task is preservation and conservation of Croatian tradition; it is involved in research activities, represents the cultural heritage and tries to apply it in everyday life.
One of our main goals is familiarize and represent Croatian folklore heritage in Croatia and abroad by participating in various local and international folklore festivals and youth exchange throughout Europe and the world. Those are also the reasons why Družina has accepted the objectives of the International Association of Folklore Groups – IGF and became an active member of IGF. We are very happy having been able to sustain relationships with many young people by means of gatherings and exchanging experience at folklore festivals, as well as by discussions with experts and members of legal bodies of some federations or confederations.
Družina publishes an annual bulletin and other publications about popular folk tradition.



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